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We gladly share our record of success, in customer care and collections, for banks, card companies, telecommunications providers, government, and student loans. It is outstanding.
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Explore partnership with ALW Sourcing. Performance statistics for our teams, as few as 5 dedicated agents through large project teams of over 200, make exploring partnership with ALW Sourcing more than viable.
Because ALW Sourcing is a Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), partnering with us satisfies some requirements needed for your governement contract bids and possibly provide tax benefits.

First-Party Collections

Delinquent accounts become less collectable as time goes on, so it is important for businesses to contact customers as soon as they start falling behind on their payments. Our experience has been that between 70 percent and 85 percent of customers who are contacted early in the delinquency cycle pay or make payment arrangements. Unfortunately, many organizations do not have the resources or technology to consistently reach out to these customers, so the accounts slide further into delinquency and become less likely to be resolved.

Our management team has years of experience in the collections industry, working at some of the industry’s leading agencies before forming ALW.

This experience gives us the knowledge and familiarity to design collections programs that deliver results while complying with all applicable regulations.

We start with formalized work standards, which are then customized to your unique needs. The result is a collections program that ensures the timing, sequence, and breadth of effort meets your expectations.

We are a full-service collections agency and have access to a wide range of collections tools, including automated skip tracing, lettering services, credit reporting, predictive dialer platforms, and strategies to scrub accounts for correct information or bankruptcies.

ALW Sourcing’s first-party collections programs operate as a seamless extension of your accounts receivable or billing departments.

Working on your behalf and in your name, we can contact customers who are early in the delinquency cycle, remind them of their obligation to pay their accounts, and work with them to bring their accounts back into good standing.

We typically make reminder calls in the client’s name to recently past-due accounts and courtesy collection calls to more seriously delinquent customers.

Our teams of seasoned industry executives understand how important your relationships with your customers are, so we are always respectful and courteous.